Our Advantage

Independence is our strength—the competitive edge of internal field operations.

Without the need to outsource field operations management, We ensure that our investors' goals are our top priority.

Millennium Exploration Company, LLC, our field operations division, is a licensed, bonded, and insured Texas oil and gas operating company. Our internal operations team specializes in the exploration and production of upstream assets in the Texas Gulf Coast Region's crude and natural gas windows. Our organization prides itself on the constant refinement of our techniques in all phases of oil and gas well drilling, completion, production engineering, and economic analysis. This unique integration provides our project partners with superior technical and operational expertise from an operating partner who shares a vested interest.

Today, Millennium has developed over 80 wells over 28 Texas counties and holds working interests in hundreds of thousands of mineral acres. Notable operations include environmentally sensitive terrains and numerous deep high-pressure wells, and challenging directional wells. Our firm's technical understanding of energy assets, how to profitably exploit them, and how to keep costs down allows us to maximize our client's return on investment.

Below please find some useful links to our Map of Operations, Proof of Insurance and Operator Credentials: