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Energy Development From Concept To Cash Flow

Our calling was simple: to address the unquenchable demand for domestic energy resources by pursuing the countless opportunities remaining to discover and establish American oil and gas production. There is also a growing population of business owners and high net-worth individuals who need to reduce their yearly income tax burden conscientiously. This has created a sizable market of sophisticated investors looking for high-risk, high-return investments that can be substantially subsidized by otherwise lost income tax dollars. In the hands of a skilled and well-organized firm, an expertly constructed and executed oil and gas drilling venture is the perfect financial instrument for achieving both of these objectives.

Our passion is also simple: to become the preeminent developer of only select oil and gas development opportunities created in partnership with our ever-broadening base of astute private investment partners. To achieve this, we have built a team of experts with artful proficiency in finding and securing quality oil and gas development opportunities, fiduciary discipline, and the technical aptitude necessary to materialize our increasing ambitions consistently. This is all, of course, to set the industry standard for partner return on investment.

Millennium takes pride in its refined ability to drive energy development ideas from “concept to cash flow” for ourselves and our clients. We look forward to sharing with you our greatest measure of this pride: our work.

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