About Us

Who We Are

Millennium PetroCapital Corporation, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is part of a privately held family of oil and gas exploration and production companies founded in 2006. Our purpose is Personal and Professional Evolution, and we strive daily to achieve it. Our Core Values of Imagination, Boldness, Tenacity, and Reputation merge with our purpose to create financial results for ourselves and our partners. We gain these results by strategically identifying profit centers in Texas' prolific energy landscape and harnessing the power of private investment to establish those profit centers.

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Our History

Richard Monroy founded the Millennium family of companies in July of 2006 as a vertically integrated oil and gas exploration and production enterprise. An enterprise organized to make strategic alliances with industry trailblazers, technical experts, mineral owners, and investors that would benefit all.

Celebrating our fifteenth anniversary, Millennium boasts a resume of over 80 executed projects with over a 72% completion average. Our portfolio now spans 28 counties and tens of thousands of mineral-acres of public and private land. We have developed assets in partnership with over a thousand private and institutional investors from over 40 states across the country. Our company's executive team has garnered a reputation in the industry for ethics and accomplishing ambitious projects. Millennium houses its executive, accounting, land, finance, operations, geological, and research and development teams at our 4,500 square-foot state-of-the-art corporate office designed for optimal efficiency.

Energy Development From Concept To Cash Flow is not just our company's niche; it's our art form.